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From NL2 to his first 10k month

Rutger finished his Coaching for Profits contract a couple of months ago. He started CFP in the NL 6-max Micro program, close to the same time when I joined BPC, in the NL 6-max Crusher program. I have a vivid memory of Gordon saying in the first or second coaching session we had: “There is […]


Recent NLHU Soldier finishers

NLHU is one of the most profitable and easy to learn forms of poker. People keep saying HU is dying, but that is not a reality for our students. They keep learning and improving, and achieving great results! To prove a point, I’ll tell a story of two recent €60k NLHU Soldier finishers, “hucol” and “hugocabret” […]

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Two times CFP finisher

Finishing one €60k Coaching for Profits contract it is a remarkable thing. What about finishing two? That is what Rylan did. And both programs in record time.   The first program he took was the NLHU Soldier. He started on September 7, 2014. He was one of the most disciplined students on the program, he did […]


Recent NL6-max Crusher Finishers

We had a few NL 6-max Crusher finishers in the last couple of months. And in this article, I’ll tell the story of three of them. They are: Lateralus, Danel and Bartosz   BARTOSZ Bartosz, also know as “c0l0”, finished his €10k CFP contract in style, making €6k in less than 2 months. His breakthrough in poker […]


$15 Spin n Go 12.000x multiplier

Spin n Go is a poker format that gives the players a chance to win a lot of money in just a few minutes. Before the beginning of every Spin n Go, a wheel spun. If you’re lucky enough, you can hit the biggest multiplier: 12.000x. I’ll show you the story of a few players […]


Somebody after CFP

Jan “Somebody” is a €60k NLHU Soldier finisher. Before joining Coaching for Profits he was averaging $500 monthly playing small stakes SNG. The HU tables is the place where he started winning real money. Like many of his fellow students, Jan got inspiration to grind harder after the 2015 poker seminar in Dubrovnik. You can check his Coaching […]


Big Spin n Go’s on video

As you may, or may not know when you’re playing Spin n Go’s you always have a chance to play for a huge prize pool if you hit a nice multiplayer. With all Twitch streamers out there, catching some of those Spins on video, our playing one yourself, is not unlikely at all. In this post, […]


Atvars graphs after CFP

The record for fastest Coaching for Profits €60k NL 6-max Crusher belongs to Atvars. He finished the program in 5 months and 24 days. Before joining CFP, he was already a winning player in NL100, but was not making that much money. To get accepted in Coaching for Profits, Atvars had to pay a larger […]


Nubson after finishing CFP

Maciej “Nubson” joined a Coaching for Profits program in August 2014. He used to be NL 6max small stakes player but ended up deciding to join the NLHU Soldier program. And it was a really good choice. He didn’t take to much time to start winning a lot of money at the tables. In fact, he […]


High-stakes SNG player bencb789

If “bencb789” is not the best, he is one of the best SNG players in the World. The whole poker World wonders who he is, but his true identity remains a secret. But in the online poker World, real names are the least important thing. Your results are all that matters! And Ben has some […]