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Julian “HealTheWorld” results in the 2017 SCOOP

Last week we showed Ben’s results in the 2017 SCOOP. Now that the series is over, we can also share with you the results of the other coach in the MTT Coaching for Profits program. Julian “HealTheWorld” reached two big final tables in this series, both in high events. In the SCOOp-49-H: $2.100 NLHE [6-Max] event […]

“bencb789” on PokerStars SCOOP

Our MTT Head Coach have been doing great in this year’s SCOOP in Poker Stars! He is no stranger to good results on these, last year he won the $100.000 WCOOP High Roller event for $1,172,360.60. This year he reached the final table in the $25.000 SCOOP High Roller event but ended up winning “just” $153.281.25 […]

Juan Pablo is Done

Juan Pablo is the newest CFP finisher! He finished his 5k NLHU Starter contract this week. Congratulations! But he didn’t start as a NLHU student. He started in the 6-max program, but that wasn’t for him. It was a good choice switching programs! We talked to him for a finisher interview, so here it is: […]

Adam is done!

Adam “Adamlandelius” is the newest 10k CFP 6-max Crusher finisher! In the first interview we had with him, he said he went “from a losing player to a winning player in only a couple of days”. And now he is a Coaching for Profits finisher! Of course, we asked him a few questions: What is […]

Poker Camp 2017: Cannes

Are you ready to get your life changed? You may think, how can a Poker Camp change my life? Well, it has happened before. Most of the CFP finishers you see had their life changed either by the Poker Camp in Dubrovnik in 2015 or in Malta in 2016.  </iframe Names like Somebody, Nubson, M1ndCrtl, […]

Drasko Starts Crushing in Intermediate

Today we stop by to meet Drasko from Montenegro. He has recently moved from the Micro group to the Intermediate, and we ask him a few questions to get to know him a little better.   How did you get in touch with poker and what made you decide to start playing? I saw an […]

BPC Club Monthly MTT: February

We had our third online tournament online tournament this weekend. The players joined our Home Game and played one more fun tournament with cool added prizes added! Since it was a turbo tournament, didn’t take long to reach the final table. Here is the final table layout: Smitty03300 (Canada) – $1.327 Olympiodf (Brazil) – $12.438 panostzi (Greece) […]

12.000x Spin n Go multiplier

If you’re not familiar with the Spin n Go format yet, I’ll give you a short explanation about what it is a 12.000x multiplier. Before every Spin n Go starts, a wheel spun and determine how big is going to be the prize pool The multiplier defines if the prize pool is going to be: 2x, […]

From NL2 to his first 10k month

Sutger finished his Coaching for Profits contract a couple of months ago. He started CFP in the NL 6-max Micro program, close to the same time when I joined BPC, in the NL 6-max Crusher program. I have a vivid memory of Gordon saying in the first or second coaching session we had: “There is […]

Recent NLHU Soldier Finishers

NLHU is one of the most profitable and easy to learn forms of poker. People keep saying HU is dying, but that is not a reality for our students. They keep learning and improving, and achieving great results! To prove a point, I’ll tell a story of two recent €60k NLHU Soldier finishers, “hucol” and “hugocabret” […]