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Are you overestimating your hand strength?

Are you overestimating your hand strength?   The video above is taken from our 6-max coaching sessions. It’s a specific type of coaching session, where the coach – in this case, BPC Head Coach Gordon – comments on the video submitted by a student. The student is required to analyze hands systematically, and the coach […]

Yup, THIS just happened!

Awesome news about our CFP contract We’ve got some awesome news for everybody interested to join our 6-max coaching programs! In the past months, our team has spent A LOT of time perfecting and improving our 6-max coaching system. We had one goal in mind… To make it possible for everybody to get easy access to expensive […]

Do you think poker math is complicated and boring?

Do you think poker math is complicated and boring? Then you are not doing it right. At BPC we understand that not everybody likes math. Hell, we don’t even like it that much ourselves! We prefer to play poker (and make money), not punch numbers all day.  But math is an important part of poker – […]

Every time a fish sucks out, an angel gets his wings

We all know the feeling. You’ve been waiting to set up the stupid fish forever… The moment finally comes. You play your hand perfectly and manipulate all the table dynamics in your favor. The guy stacks off with his silly hand on the turn, and… Binks river. Jesus fucking Christ!! … Right? No. When a bad […]

Alloin finishes CFP 60k!

Junuss “Alloin” from Latvia finished the 60k HU CFP with yesterday’s session! You can see a steady graph of progression towards the 60k (well, some rakeback and un-tracked hands missing from the graph) after a slow start.  For comparison, during his first full month in the CFP last February, he made 524 EUR. Fast-forward one year […]