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“Never give up, never surrender!”

We are happy that Ivan – known as “m1ndCrtl” to the community of BestPokerCoaching – found time for a meet-up with us.  He is very well known in our community, not just as a coach, but also as a previous student in our poker coaching program: He finished 60.000 € Heads-Up program one year ago.    […]

What is the #1 reason poker players get paid?

Why do poker players earn more money than a CEO in a big company? Even though the poker market is not booming anymore, poker is still “too good to be true”. Now many might wonder, what is “too good to be true” about playing poker and what does it actually take to get paid playing.   […]

Are bots in online-poker a problem?

Poker-Bots are a constant worry in the online poker world. Do you also worry sometimes too much, if bots in online poker rooms are a problem? Especially when looking into the situation of the poker economy right now? See what Gordon has to say about poker bots, at this year’s BPC Poker Event in Malta:

The ultimate NL 6-MAX BOOTCAMP is here!

No Limit 6-max poker coaching materials available now without contract attached We are excited to announce that the moment many NL 6-max players were waiting for, and asking us about – is FINALLY here! It includes the materials our 6-max Coaching for profits students receive, but it has no contract attached.   The masterclass 6-max Bootcamp has […]