Why 6-max record-holder thinks you should join Coaching for Profits

This is Atvars, the man still holding the CFP 6-max record for finishing the €60 000 program in less than 6 months! Check his blog HERE.

To be exact, he finished our €60k coaching program in 5 months and 24 days – simple math tells us that his AVERAGE was higher than 10k Euro. This is insane considering it was during the learning period.

Since the €60k program has been recently replaced by the €30k program, it is unlikely anybody will improve his record… 😉

So let’s take a moment and enjoy his record-breaking €60k graph below. (This graph is taken from our CFP tracker software, which is used by our students)

In the interview below, the hall-of-fame member answers a few key questions about his time in the Coaching for Profits program:
    • How has coaching for profits helped your game?
    • What was your best month before and after Coaching for Profits? (the one thing we all want to know 😉
    • How was it to work with Gordon as your coach? (see why Atvars couldn’t believe Gordon is a real person…)
    • What makes coaches at BPC different from the rest of the coaches?
    • Would he recommend others to join the Coaching for profits program? (he explains why you have no choice but to join CFP)



  For a quick shot of Atvars in action, here’s how to 3-barrel bluff 2 people on the river:

What one man can do, another can do; if it has been done, it can be repeated (especially in the CFP!).

And he continues to crush at the tables. Last month he made $50k! Don’t believe me? Check his graph below and his blog HERE.


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