Ask BPC’s coaches (part 5)

Another week, another post with a question answered for our team of coaches.

As you can see, we are in part 5 already, if you miss the previous posts, here they are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

If you have a general poker question that all of our coaches can answer, write it in the comments. Your question might get picked!

Today we are down two coaches compared with last week. We have Gordon, Alan Jackson, JurassicDaniel, and m1ndCrtl.


Gordon (left) and m1ndCrtl (right).

The question is…

How do you see poker in 5 years?

Gordon: “Poker is here to stay. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will be used. There will have less rake. And live games will increase as well”

Alan Jackson: “Winners will win. Losers will lose. Quitters will quit. Poker, like most systems, seeks equilibrium. For poker, it’s an equilibrium between winners and losers. Regardless of the quality of play of the population, there will always be winners. If games get tougher then marginal and small winners fade out, either quitting or playing part time, and the remaining skilled players get a better regular: recreational player ratio.

If games get softer some of the former marginal winners who quit or went part time return or new players who work hard will earn enough to stick around full time and become part of the winners.”

JurassicDaniel: “It might get a little harder to find fish, but you’ll still win if you work hard enough.”

m1ndCrtl: “A little harder but still very profitable for those who are prepared.”

Thanks for your answers guys!

Don’t forget to send us your question for our coaches if you have one!


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