Ask BPC’s coaches (part 1)

Best Poker Coaching has a lot of coaches from different programs.

Have you ever wanted to ask some general poker questions to poker coaches?

Well, now you can!

Every week I will collect your questions in the comment section, and select some to ask every coach we have.

 This week we have answers from Gordon, Era7er, Alan Jackson, JurassicDaniel, m1ndCrtl and Asimos


Asimos (left), Gordon (center) and m1ndCrtl (right).


Here is the question:

Why do you think poker players should play the poker format you play/coach?

Gordon: “Poker players should play NLHU because it is the fastest way to win 10k/month, even today.”


Era7er: “Poker players should play NL 6-max cash games because it’s the best format for making good money and being able to have a normal schedule of living too.”


Alan Jackson: “Players should play NL 6-max. It has the widest selection of games. More tools and data available which shortens the learning curve for new players who are willing to work hard, in other words, it’s more likely that hard work can beat out talent/experience.”


JurassicDaniel: “Poker players should play NLHU. They can play every hand in heads up and don’t have to wait (except fast tables), like in 6max, where you need to wait for a hand to end for you to get dealt a new one.”


m1ndCrtl: “They should play NLHU. There is less variance in HU. And by playing more hands with wider ranges you get a better understanding of poker in general and you can apply most of the concepts you learn in every other poker format.”


Asimos: “Players should play the format the enjoy more… Because only when you enjoy and love the game you can put the hard work to improve. If they put the hard work they will succeed in any format, especially when they have such a good guidance as one can find only in BPC.”


Thank all of you for your answers!

Again, if you have general poker questions all coaches can answer, write in the comments! See you in the next part!


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  1. Darren Plaza
    Darren Plaza says:

    Online poker is no longer profitable no matter how you look at it. Thousands of players are quitting the game week after week and the number of Online Poker sites just can not attract players like before. Hundreds of sites have very little traffic and your forced to move to Pokerstars which the only site with enough traffic. But your restricted with what software you can use and it’s just a constant battle to make money. So the question is, Poker is only going to get tougher & tougher the longer you play, at what point do you consider it’s no longer worth playing?

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