Alfredo Finishes His 5k CFP Contract!

Good news! We have one more CFP finisher!

Alfredo, from Portugal, finished the NL 6-Max CFP program! Congratulations!

And asked him a few questions, as usual:


What is the biggest difference from before joining CFP to now?

The biggest difference is that now I know how to make money at Poker. I know what really matters and what do you need to succeed.


Which 3 things did you learn?

I learned a solid foundation to the game, my mindset is good now and I also learned how to constantly improve.

Who was your favorite coach? The one that had the most influence on your game?

My favorite coach was Alan Jackson. But all of them have helped me to some degree. 

I want to give special thanks to Alex “Lateralus” (Micro coach) who also helped me to look for what matters and cut the bullshit (really important). Other students helped me a lot as well.

But Alan Jackson’s work…. Man, I have a lot of respect for what he does. You can’t argue against math!

Looks like Alan’s analysis and coaching helped!

 What do you think everybody should do in order to succeed?

To succeed, I think everybody should look inside and find what is holding them back! 

If you are able to look inside and recognize your flaws, you can achieve whatever you want!

Without that, I don’t think you’ll go far…

How do you like the structure, material and the coaching sessions of the program?

I like a lot the way the learning process is structured on BPC and I like even more the fact that Gordon is constantly looking for ways to improve. 

So, BPC has changed a few since I joined but always in the best interest of the students and BPC, of course. 

If we don’t make money BPC doesn’t either. But the step by step process is really good for who doesn’t know how to make money at poker.

One thing is to know how to play, another thing is to know how to make money. BPC teaches you how to make money!


Now that you’re finished, what are your plans for the future poker-wise?

Now, I’m going to continue climbing up stakes as far as it gets! I’m going to reach the top, I know that!

I also want to play some live MTTs and travel the world!


Congratulations again, Alfredo! Keep crushing at the tables!


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43 replies
  1. Alexandre Martins
    Alexandre Martins says:

    Parabéns Alfredo! Fico muito contente por teres conseguido e sei que vais continuar a evoluir ainda mais e alcançar todos os teus objectivos. Sick graph!!!

    • Alfredo
      Alfredo says:

      Grande Alexandre! Tu és um dos grandes responsáveis por eu ter chegado até aqui! Não vou ter como te agradecer toda a ajuda que me deste. Mas amos até lá cima, isso é certo! 🙂

    • Alfredo
      Alfredo says:

      Thank you Alan for sharing all your wisdom and data! It really helped me a lot! I already told Gordon that I found this contract really cheap due to the info and edge we get from it and, specially, from your data! Take care!

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