Alessandro finishes the €60K Heads Up Soldier Program

It’s been a big few months for Alessandro (aka randomwalkin). Finishing any BPC program takes time, dedication, patience, and plenty of hours in training and practice. Alessandro, who divides his time between the United Kingdom and his home country of Italy, plays at stakes up to NL1,000 and he has put in plenty of hours lately.

That hard work paid off and he recently finished the Heads-Up 60K program – another big goal accomplished, but with many more to go.

“I’m pretty excited about it, it’s a big milestone for me and I see it as the beginning of many more,” he says.

Heads-up play is not for the faint of heart. It involves creative play, plenty of skills and strategies, and even a little bravery. Big pots and profits don’t always come easily and financial swings are a real possibility. Finishing the contract was certainly a big accomplishment for this young poker pro.

Getting there wasn’t easy and came with some challenges. When Alessandro moved to NL400, the winning ground to a halt. Pots didn’t come his way and he found himself frustrated often.

“I struggled quite a lot,” he says. “I had to go up and down three or four times, but after that it I was fine.”

Alessandro got into poker like many – discovering the game as a teenager and finding it as a way to feed his competitive spirit. WIth a keen eye for the strategy behind those plays with cards and chips, he found plenty of success early.

“When I was 19 a friend of mine showed me the rules,” he says. “So I started studying the game, then deposited 25 Euros on PokerStars, and and I’ve been lucky enough to be profitable since then.”

So far, poker has given Alessandro the freedom that he desires in life compared to a normal job – no boss, no set routine, no 9-to-5, no worries other than betting, raising, and following his BPC plan. Things have gone well, but he recognizes the swings that can come with playing poker for a living.

Ultimately, he has a goal to reach the NL5K level. He’s had a few tough months, but is focused on turning things around to make his game count – studying, following his BPC strategies, and heading to the tables armed with his best mindset. His schedule has kept him from playing at the tables as much as he’d like, but he’s hoping to get back on the horse more and work to improve that.

“I didn’t do well in March and April, but I’m not putting enough hours,” he says. “This is one of my biggest weaknesses.”

Alessandro freely admits that this is the biggest leak in his game: “Laziness and procrastination, I still haven’t figured out a solution for that. I’m too lazy to find it.”

Away from the tables, staying in shape and keeping his mind sharp are a big part of his regular routine. He enjoys Crossfit and weightlifting to stay fit and keeps up with financial markets and studies psychology.

So far, Alessandro has been able to keep poker as his only source of income despite his confessions of occasional laziness. He is single and says he’s happy to keep it that way. Poker gives him the freedom that other jobs wouldn’t allow.

“The single life with no job,” he says. “So far it feels like paradise.”

Routine can be important in a poker player’s life and Alessandro has a set daily regimen that he usually follows. He usually plays late in the evening to keep the rest of the day open to train and focus on other stuff.

“My routine is pretty easy – start the session, grind, end the session,” he adds.

And that single-mindedness worked in surpassing the 60K program. No doubt Alessandro has played thousands and thousands of hands, but tends not to focus too much on big hands, always instead looking to the future. He didn’t even want to comment on a big hand or win recently, instead noting that, “they are all the same more or less.”

That may be the sign of a player focused more on his training and strategies – realizing that there are plenty similar hands throughout months of playing cards. It’s up to the player to recognize similar situations at the tables, learn from those, and adjust accordingly.

A business-like, scientific approach benefits many players and it seems Alessandro has taken that approach with his own game. Where does Alessandro see his poker career in five years? He is not exactly sure, but plans on making his game better and better. He says: “I have no clue but I’ll try my best to elevate my game and my profits as a consequence.”

For cash game amateurs, Alessandro believes analyzing some crucial hands completely can help players improve their game.

“Once you are taking your time to make a decision, rewind the entire hand from the beginning and try to understand what makes sense and what doesn’t,” he says. “It will help to better read the situation.”

Alessandro offers some important advice to students just starting out with BPC – accept the training and coaching. Learn and practice it to reach your goals, and don’t take shortcuts.

“Do what the coaches tell you to do,” he says. “I know sometimes it could look like it doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t matter. Your focus should be on doing the right thing and BPC has got the experience for that.”

BPC has been a great addition to his poker life, Alessandro says, and offers excellent material for those seeking improved poker skills and profits.

“It has been fun with BPC,” he says.


“They offer a huge support that you cannot find anywhere else. Thanks for everything, I’m a better person now.”


Sean Chaffin is a freelance writer in Texas. His work appears in numerous websites and publications such as PokerNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @PokerTraditions.

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