The story of BestPokerCoaching:

Our mission: Turn poker into YOUR source of income

We publish our students progress day by day. Everybody can follow the good AND the bad times … and how the bad times make our students come back even stronger. We give back to the broader poker community by showing what it takes to win – for free.

You will know that our courses and material actually work in the real world! There are a lot of so-called poker “experts” and coaches who have actually not made any real money at poker! All they do is write books and create videos. They are great salesmen and marketers, but they fail to prove that their material actually makes people $$$ in the “real world”, at the poker tables.

We’re not great sales men at BPC. Actually we were told how “bad” some of our comments look (usually when we tell people the hard truth!).

At BPC we believe that we should create products that are so good and make people so much money that we don’t have to “sell” them by using a lot of gimmicks. We are straight forward. We tell you about our products and how it will help you. Then we give you a lot of proof from real people like yourself and then you have to decide if you want to crush this game or not. REAL RESULTS, not good sounding words is our “marketing strategy”.

The Most Results-Oriented Coaching Team in Poker

We have put together a very professional team of coaches, all dedicated to your success. We integrate our most successful players as coaches, because they know even better what it means to crush since they do it every day themselves.

Our team only makes money if YOU make money with our programs. You can be sure that we will share with you every last secret we have learned over the years. All you have to do is copy-paste what we show you; over and over again.

Who is Working  “Behind the scenes”?

The BPC family is a very international team. Our team members come from Germany, Italy, Malta, Brazil, Romania, Russia…

We work daily behind the scenes to continually improve the experience of our students, and hold our coaching team accountable to the high standards we have set.

There is no slacking-off at BPC, and everything we demand from our coaching for students, we have done ourselves 10x harder! Some of us finished the CFP program ourselves, so we know all the excuses and are ready to crush them at any moment! 😉



Founder & CEO


Lead Designer


CFP Manager & Media director


Team leader & Affiliate Manager


Director of VIP Coaching


Social Media Manager


Lead Developer


Customer Account Manager

What makes us different from the rest?

We’re not just a “forum” and we also think people throw around the word “community” quite easily. At BPC we really are one big family. We meet up in real life and help each other succeed. BPC is the most helpful and positive community that you will find in the poker world.

At least once a year – and more often in the future – our community meets up in real life. Our poker camps are organized in places such as Prague, Dubrovnik, Malta, French Riviera. They are unique events that often result in drunk poker games, hang-over seminars and great after stories that should mostly not leave the poker camp! 😉

At BPC we tell things how they are. It is a place where you can speak your mind without having to worry about being censored. You will find some of the opinions you will read by members or even BPC officials to be very controversial and not in line with what most people in the community believe (by the way, most people lose money at this game!). We use men’s language, but never in order to put anybody down. We encourage each other. Many say that we’re the most helpful and positive community out there.

Join and find out for yourself. You will be surrounded by other positive people who want to make (or already have made!) a lot of money, crush poker and become the best version of themselves.

What we believe

• We believe that everybody in the world should have the chance to become great at poker, no matter where they come from and how rich or poor they are right now
• We believe that everybody can succeed at poker with enough dedication and the right training
• We believe in telling the truth over being friendly
• We believe in pushing you hard to do the things you don’t want to do, so you can become who you want to become
• We believe in quality over quantity
• We believe in getting things done instead of talking about it
• We believe in being transparent with our success-stories. Our success stories are documented publicly from day 1. You can read through all the ups and downs. We’re the only coaches who do this, perhaps we’re also the only ones who produce long-term success
• We believe in adapting, not complaining
• We believe that respect and admiration is earned, not granted
• We believe in actions, not words
• We believe that quality has it’s price
• We believe in helping each other to become the best version of ourselves

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