About The Founder

Bestpokercoaching.com, also known as “BPC” was founded in 2011 by Gordon. He was crushing high-stakes poker and retired at his peak in 2010 playing up to NL 10k regularly. Gordon grew up in Germany (mostly) and the USA. After finishing high school, he started to fulfil his childhood dream to travel around the world. 
BPC was never meant to become what it is today – the standard of quality for poker coaching. It started as an experiment that became successful and outgrew itself. It took off with a public challenge to help losing players make $100k in 9 months which turned into the creation of our famous Coaching For Profits program (CFP). 

Today Gordon focuses most of his time these days on investing and building educational businesses like BPC. “Putting your money where your mouth is, that is something i believe in and live by.” Investing keeps you honest. You constantly have to be willing to improve and update your model of the world.


PokerNews interview with Gordon

The First Students

At our annual event in Dubrovnik, Croatia 2014. From left to right, Imachampion (USA), Hansthegreat (Croatia/Germany), Rovar (Slovenia), Ilidek (Poland), Rylan (Russia). These guys were part of the first group of Coaching For Profits students. You can read more about their amazing life stories HERE. They all couldn’t be more different. Country, relationship status, height, job. They only had one thing in common – all of them struggled at poker before joining BPC. All of them had a GREAT attitude and all of them made a lot more than 100k after finishing the program.

Live Poker Seminars

Every year BPC organises a live meeting, where students and program finishes can learn more about poker and investments. We learn a lot about poker during the year so we always add another topic for our events that is related to poker and to our interests. Our goal is to keep things very practical and real life oriented. This is similar to our poker coaching being less theoretical and always made to be used at the table. In real life so to speak.

Every Year a Different City Hosts the BPC Event

We carefully choose the location of the event trying to make it very special and different from the previous one. The firs BPC event took place in Prague in 2014. Next year in 2015 Dubrovnik (Croatia) became the host of the BPC Poker Camp. A year later, 2016 we got together in Malta. In September 2017 we had a very special event in a huge luxury villa in Cannes. The year 2018 will be remembered as the year of the most exotic BPC Poker Camp. That year we made the event in Marrakech. Our events are full of fun cash games, but also very serious learning moments. There also seems to be a special magic. After every event, many players experience big breakthroughs in their game.

Not Only Poker...

We are very friendly and positive community. Many of our students become friends for life. They travel together, rent houses and have much fun. That’s why every BPC event is not only about poker and studying material. We are humans that also love to have fun and enjoy different activities. Every year we carefully choose the entertainment program, thus we make sure that your experience will be unforgettable. We do jet-skiing, carting, paintball, escape rooms, driving through the desert and much more. Click through the pictures, experience the moments with us and maybe soon you will have the chance to join us.

Poker Tournaments And Cash Games

Poker is an important part of our events that we enjoy. It became a tradition to have a poker tournament every year where the winner gets a memorable trophy. We also play cash games, the game where you can test your knowledge and skills playing against our shark celebrities. They seem to be very generous, a lot more generous than on the online tables. Especially after food and drinks…

We Are Proud of Our Students

The award ceremony is the beautiful tradition of the BPC event that we gladly follow every year. We are so proud of the great achievements of our students through their hard work, that we can not ignore it. So we celebrate it and turn it into a special ritual for the community. For every BPC finisher we prepare a memorable trophy. However, the award ceremony is alway full of other surprises, funny gifts and moments of glory. Traditionally, the award ceremony is followed by the gala-dinner where our event participants can celebrate their success and share it with other community members, their mates and families. It also serves as a huge inspiration for the students that have not achieved their goal yet. Our students leave our events highly motivated with a lot of hunger and thirst for more. It’s one thing to know that people can improve fast. It’s another thing to see them, meet them and feel it.

You Can Join Us

We’re not the biggest, but definitely the most fun and energising poker community out there. We have a great mix of people ranging from full time poker obsessed professionals up to people who love poker as a hobby and enjoy the spirit and energy of BPC. We got a great international mix and combine personalities from family dads, nerds , louder party guys and everything in between. What brings us together is the goal to improve every day and become the best we can be. Many talk about it, we DO it. If you are a positive person with the same goals, you are welcome to join!