Gordon is a former High Stakes Professional Poker Player, who destroyed his competition mainly playing HU on Euro sites back in the days. His biggest strength was his ability to figure out his opponents very quickly, find their weakness and destroy them mercilessly. Today he is the CEO and Founder of the world's most transparent and successful coaching platform for poker players, BPC.

Gordon retired as a poker professional in 2010. Then he realized that having a lot of money is nice, but sleeping at the beach, traveling and getting laid can become boring (yes, it does!). So Gordon has set bigger goals for himself than ever before and decided to create big businesses. His passion is in education, so BPC is only the start!

He has not played poker professionally in 6 years. But not only do his students have phenomenal success and totally crush today's games (check the reviews!), but they also see in live action that their coach might be "old", but still very sharp and definitely ahead of his time.

It is rumored that possibly more than 50% of players today making more than 100k+ per year online have been private coaching clients of his. Some of them are famous BPC students & coaches and have come public, others wish to remain private.

Gordon had his graphs and results checked and officially verified by when he was coaching for them.

So after coaching and producing some of the most wanted videos, among them the record-breaking series "Champions stand up one more time than the rest" (translated into many languages)***, the work became so inspiring that Gordon decided to go big with BPC.

*** Proof: The only name which is two times in the "video of the month list" (Raskolnikov is Gordon's handle on PS). This is despite the fact that he created only a total of 5 videos in that time span. Many users said that all 5 videos should have been a video of the year easily, but of course, that would have been be too embarrassing for the site.

Why Gordon  likes to teach at BPC:

bezxcI love teaching poker and professional skills in an entertaining, yet effective way. BPC is the poker & life school that I wish I had myself when learning poker. Our poker courses and coaching for profits program are the fastest way to succeed at poker. We cut through all the bullshit and only teach you what works.

Gordon has put together a very professional team of coaches, all dedicated to your success. All of BPC coaches are successful poker professionals; they will teach you everything you need to know about the poker business. Gordon himself still takes care of the Heads UP and 6max programs as a head coach (he will have a successor soon), but BPC integrates the most successful players as coaches, because they know even better what it means to crush since they do it every day themselves.

What makes BPC different from everybody else out there?

We get shit done and put our money where our mouth is! We all have a no bullshit approach and teach you clear concepts to make money at this game. The strength of our coaching system is that you are not dependent on one specific coach. We have specialists for every area of the game who are the Head Coaches. We even have a full-time database specialist on board (Alan Jackson) who is not only a HEM HUD genius, but also scientifically checks our standard lines and makes sure that what we teach always works – across each game.



Era7er is the coach in our advanced group in 6-max Crusher program. He plays limits between NL400-2k, and he could play even higher, as he did in the past playing up to NL10k. He chooses not to anymore in order to decrease variance. And on top of that, it is tough to get tables at these limits due to seating scripts.

He started his career several years ago playing short stack and CAP tables. After some years building his bankroll in those games, he transitioned to deeper stack play. Using his aggressiveness, strong math skills for a fundamentally solid approach and some occasional exploitative plays when dictated by his opponents, he is one of the best 6-max players out there.

Below you can check his graph, despite running not too well, he still manages to win at the higher stakes.


Alan Jackson is the most respected DB specialist in online poker.

Alan is known for his videos on BlueFirePoker, focused on utilizing stats to increase your edge at the table and using custom filters to break down and evaluate your game in every situation. Alan is the creator of AJA Dynamic HUD, the most advanced HUD available. He also makes videos for H0ldem Manager 2 and his videos have been featured on their front page.

You can find many of his analysis videos on the H0ldem Manager website here.

Besides his database analisys, he has probably coached more hours than anyone on the planet. Today he is a part of our coaching team. He coaches our students, makes the custom HUDs for them, analyses their databases, and also creates regular reports on the state of the games for them.

Alan started his career playing local home games in the Houston, TX area.  Poker remained a casual hobby until he started playing on-line.  He played tournaments the first year, then switched over to 6-max limit.  After US legislation closed PartyPoker to Americans he moved to Stars and started playing no limit.  Over the past three years he’s played close to 3 million hands of short handed no limit with a million of those hands at 400NL-1000NL.

During the early part of his poker career Alan also owned a construction company building custom homes.  After a few years of his poker income outpacing his ‘real’ job income Alan decided to focus solely on poker and use the freedom that poker provides to travel.  He currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

His life-time winrate is 4bb/100 over a few million hands. He has been playing for a living and coaching for nearly 10 years. Currently he is playing NL200 & NL400.


Adam "W34z3l" Jones is an online poker grinder and coach from the UK, who currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

Starting at the lowest limits online with a no-deposit 5euro bonus I began to work his way up the limits. Since then, he has been beating some of the toughest games online and became one of the most popular coaches across a variety of sites. He has written over 400 strategy articles and recorded well over 200 full-length training videos. He is a popular video producer for, and has been producing training content since 2011.

He has a solid background in both exploitative and GTO principles. There are a lot of "street" coaches out there who don’t understand the maths behind what they teach – if Adam ever tell our students to do something, he can back it up with theoretical knowledge.

Adam has worked with 500+ private coaching students – guys from nano-stakes right up until mid-stakes games. He has helped break-even mid-stakes guys become 6bb/100 winners and helped losing micro-stakes players move up several limits.

Below, you can see his most recent 100k hands played on NL200-NL400.

Panos, known as “Asimos” in the poker community, is a 33-years old PhD researcher in Engineering.

He started playing poker about 5 years ago, mostly studying the game, watching many videos and reading all the major poker books.

However, he was still struggling at the micros, so he decided to invest in coaching.

Coaching helped him to improve a lot, and when he decided to take all the teachings from the private coaching and combine them with his research and personal strategy, his game really took of.

Today, his main game is Pokerstars ZOOM NL100-NL200, one of the toughest games out there.

And he is crushing the games with an average 5bb/100 winrate, one of the best (if not the best) among the regs at those games.

He really enjoys talking about poker and interacting with other players who share the same passion for the game. He also became a video producer for Pokerstrategy, and a coach for BPC. He finds BPC to be a very organized and professional community, with high standards. Being a coach for it is a challenge and honor the same time.

Below you can see his recent 180k hands, played on NL100-200 ZOOM.

Alex "Lateralus" is a real and typical BPC success story. Like so many players at BPC, he started at the lowest stakes (NL2) and worked his way up. In December 2016 he broke his personal record and made over 11000 Euro in profits.
He has earned himself a high standing in the community not only because he is a coach, but also because he is helping out other players a lot way before "officially" being a coach.
He is looking forward to taking on more responsibilities in the future.

Alfredo is another great BPC success story. He joined our team as a coach to help as one of our finishers, the coach who walked the path his students need to walk, and the coach who will lead them on that same path of success.

When he finished the CFP program, he said: "To succeed, I think everybody should look inside and find what is holding them back!"

He is one of the favorite guys in BPC and with his friendly and professional approach, he is helping our students with their strategy and the things that hold them back.


Leandro is a student inside 6-max Crusher program and he is the Head Coach in CFP Brazil.

He has been playing poker professionally for more than 9 years, and joined CFP with the goal to learn how to crush the games to win enough money to be able to able to retire after all those years.

Nowadays he plays NL50 and he is taking shots to reach NL100. He enjoys studying Alan Jackson’s database report videos to improve every minimal detail in his game.

Coaching inside CFP Brazil is a challenge for him. In Brazil, cash games are not too developed and most people who just start playing opt to play MTTs as most coaches there are MTTs players. So, his main goal is to help spread cash games in his country.

You can check one of his graphs below:


Jan, also known as Somebody, is from Slovenia and is a HU cash game specialist.

He was playing small stakes SNGs before joining CFP, and he was winning $500 monthly in average there. Nine months after starting, he finished the €60k CFP program with three €10k+ months in a row. On top of that, in his first month on his own he won €20k.

Nowadays he plays HU all the way up to NL1k, and some 6max on the side all the way up to NL600. Below you can check one of his graphs:

He not only became a coach in our HU program, he is also a manager inside BPC. In his own words:

What I like the most about BPC is that everyone gets unlimited challenges and everyone can progress, not only with poker, but in other areas as well. I started as a student in low limits, where I didn’t only learn how to beat the games, but also learned to how to improve as a coach, how to manage the whole HU group as a HU head coach and finally I learned how to take care of all BPC programs as a BPC Manager. Being part of such a big growing community, which is constantly improving and creating tremendous high standards in the poker industry is a really incredible experience.

Ivan, also known as m1ndCrtl is Bulgarian HU player. On top of coaching strategy, he also works with poker players to adjust their mindset and eliminate mental leaks.

He was also a CFP student, he started as a losing HU player, and after 3 months he had already won €9k in a month. In his sixth and seventh months he won €11k and €10k. M1ndCrtl’s graph:

Why m1ndCrtl likes to teach at BPC:

Coaching is a way of giving back all I received as a student. I also do it for selfish reasons, as it gives me a whole new level of satisfaction.

Nubson is a Polish HU player. He is a former student in our coaching for profits program, and now helps other students to achieve what he had achieved.

Before joining CFP he was a NL 25-50 6max grinder and his record month was $1k.

In his first month inside the program he made €5k, and towards the end he had already won €10k+ in a month twice. In his last day he made €4k at the tables! Nowadays he is playing up to NL1k! Below you can check one of his graphs:

Why Nubson likes to teach at BPC:

I enjoy coaching the students because it gives me confidence. It pushes me constantly forward because I teach my students things that I did myself, or doing now to improve my game.

Lauri is a former student in our coaching for profits program and achieved great things in that period.

He is the record holder of the HU program winning €14420 last December.

Right after becoming a coach in BPC, Lauri had a record day of €8.7k followed by a €22.3k personal record month.

I guess he got "lucky" right after joining our team but the really lucky ones are the students in the program that will get coached by him!

Hucol is our Coaching For Profis finisher and BPC Hall Of Fame member from Columbia.

His personal record is €12.4k last February.

He said when we asked him how he feels about coaching in BPC: “Very happy about that, makes me feel very good to continue being part of the family that help me to succeed at poker and that I can help other people to achieve their goals.”

I bet students will respect learning from ex BPC student who walked the same path they are walking and had great success!



Glen “Kazor” is a long-time PLO winner from United States, who has been working with BPC for a while, as the main coach of our PLO HU program.

The results of his students in the PLO HU program are nothing short of amazing, with his 1st student Rylan completing the PLO 60k contract in 6 months and 6 days.

That’s an average of €10k per month, which is incredible given the fact that Rylan NEVER played any PLO in his life before joining the PLO HU program. He was a complete PLO beginner – though, it has to be said, he already had good results in NLHU games.

Second PLO HU student “bottezon” is currently still in the 60k HU PLO program, and as we speak he is battling with our 6-max student Alessio to take down the March student rankings (more than €10k winnigs) . Again, “bottezon” was a complete PLO beginner when joining the PLO HU program.

But one thing is clear; Kazor knows his stuff, and has a proven track of teaching the great game of Pot Limit Omaha to beginners and struggling players, to make them into crushers over time.

As for his current results and credentials, in 2017, he has won at ~ 8bb/100 playing PLO500-PLO2k and occasionally higher with PLO1k being his most common game. His last 100k hands including some other variations he ran at ~10.5bb/100.

He is now teaching PLO 6-max and PLO HU in BPC.

About Kazor:
• Two-Time PLO Player of the Year on PTR
• Very Successful Online Player at PLO500-PLO2k and occasionally higher
• Featured in Bluff Magazine
• Poker Strategy Writer for Poker Player Magazine
• Cardrunners Instructor
• BestPokerCoaching Head PLO Coach

You can find out more about Kazor in the 2 articles we published:

>>  Meet Kazor:  Our PLO Heads-Up coach

>> Coach Kazor: building a team of PLO piranhas



Julian, also known as HealTheWorld, constantly plays tournaments on Poker Stars.

He is also known as JayGatsby in another poker training site where he coaches since 2012.

His accomplishes doesn’t stop there, he is the founder of the Team GatsbyKemphino. This is the most successful group of poker players in the world! Don’t believe me? Here are the players that are part of this team:

-Fedor “CrownUpGuy” Holz

I guess you may have heard about some of those guys!

Julian also has a WPT title to his name. He took down the WPT Prague Main Event in 2013 taking home $283.827

Read a Pokernews report from Julian's WPT title here.

Julian "HealTheWorld" recent results at SCOOP 2017


Ben is a former student of Gordon’s, who has achieved phenomenal success at the poker tables, and is arguably the best SNG player in the world, and one of the best online MTT players in the world.

He is well known for keeping his privacy, so we’re not going to show his photos here. However he is equally well known on the high-stakes SNG and MTT scene, so we will rather do him justice with two screenshots of his most recent results.

He is the #1 SNG player in the world for 2015, as you can see below on his Sharkscope results for 2015.

Ben has also recently won the inaugural $102,000 Super High Roller during the World Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars, the biggest buy-in online tournament in the history of the game.

If you want to know more details about his $1,172,461 win, Pokernews wrote a cover article about it here.

Ben also has many other big scores from the past, such as winning the SCOOP Event #22-H in 2014, and has helped a lot of poker players climb up the stakes.

He plays every limit of SNGs, all the way up to 5k, and every buyin-level of MTTs, as demonstrated by him winning the $102k-buyin tournament, as mentioned above.

Read our interview with Ben here, to find out why he takes delight in working together with his students and seeing their progress after every coaching session.

Ben "bencb789" recent results at SCOOP 2017



Pawel "pablo1071" is a 22 years old Polish Spin & Go specialist. He is the head coach in the CFP Spin & Go Course.

He started playing poker 4 years ago, and have been playing professionally for 3.

His first game was NL HU cash games where he started in the lowest limit possible, NL2.

The moment he became a professional was when he was playing NL4, very close to moving to NL10.

He dropped out Economy school to dedicate full time. Which was, in his own words " a little crazy", since he was only making $300 to $400 per month. Good thing is that his family supported him right at the start.

His work ethic allowed him to improve fast. Right at the beginning, he was playing 10 hours daily.

One year ago he decided to move from NLHU cash games to Spin & Go.

Nowadays he is the best $30 Spin & Go player in the world, with a clear shot to move to higher stakes soon.

His improvement in the last months happened after teaming up with one of the best $100 Spin & Go ine world. They have daily 2 hours sessions where they improve each other's games.


Thomas "MathWizard" is originally from Germany but has been traveling the world since the end of last year. On his own words: “I’m very happy that poker enabled me to have the opportunity to live and work everywhere on planet earth.”

He has been playing poker professionally for 2 and half years. He started playing poker in University and was always passionate about the game theory behind the game.

His career took off after joining a coaching for profits stable which provided him a perfect environment to improve systematically, but of course, he had to work really hard to improve.

After finishing University with a degree in Engineer, he started playing HU SNG full time dedicating all of his time to study the game. At the same time, he also started playing poker live to take advantage of the fact that he loves to travel the world.

Regarding online poker, he transitioned to Spin & Go’s recently, since the action in HU SNG decreased. Like he says: “Spin & Go’s are offering constant action with a very soft field.”

At the moment, he plays HU SNG all the way up to $120 and Spins at the $60 level.

He considers himself one of the leading experts utilizing PokerTracker 4 and GTO solvers (like pio and simple postflop) and helps his students analyzing their games with these tools.

His students play diverse game types in limits all the way up to the high stakes, and his knowledge using these tools allows him to teach his students in the most efficient way.

Below you can see his graph from the last 14-15 months with an average buyin of $50.

KALOYAN AUBIBEK” (Guest coach)

Kaloyan “aubibek” is a 31 year old Bulgarian poker player. He has been on the poker scene for more than 9 years now and has played pretty much all SNGs formats available out there.

Nowadays he is a regular in the $100 Spin & Go and coach a large (around 100 players) poker stable. He has also coached privately close to 100 students, mostly Bulgarian, but he has more practice coaching in English since he joined the coaching staff of the mentioned stable.

You can check on the right his results at $100 Spin & Go level.