Before knowing BPC Atvars was only playing micro-stakes. After discovering BPC and our courses, he already had a 3k month, but he was not improving as fast as he wanted. After joining CFP, Atvars performance improved even stronger. He finished his CFP program in 5 months and 24 days (record time) and recently won $50k in a month. The battle between him and Hansthegreat for BPC all-time #1 certainly continues.
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Rylan didn’t finish only one CFP program, he finished two!The first one was the NL HU program, that he finished in record time (7 months and 13 days). And the second was the PLO HU program, that he also finished in record time (6,5 months). On top of that, he also has the best day record (€14861)
He has a simple advice for you: “Find a coach and do what he says.”

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Steezy took almost a year to finish his CFP contract. But when he finished it, he finished with style. In his last month, he made almost €30k, which is the record month to this day in the CFP 6max program.

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Before joining CFP had small success playing micro stakes, but he had no real net worth. When he entered the Coaching for Profits program, he started with a $50 bankroll on NL2. After 9 months he finished the toughest contract there ever was, the $100k CFP Hardcore contract. Today he has made more than $500k profits.

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Steven was the first Coaching for Profits student back in 2012. Gordon gave him the challenge to achieve Supernova status in a month. 300k hands later he finished the challenge, and on the 6th of November 2012, he started his journey as a CFP student. On the 3rd of July, he finished his €100k contract with two €30k months in a row.

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Hugocabret was about to quit poker but decided to give it on last shot and joined the CFP HU program. After a slow start he has not only had a 7000€ winning day, but also set the new monthly record for the HU 60k program. He beat player “Goodfake” by 95€ only for a total monthly profit of 14420€ .

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