Triple Barreling Bluff

Triple-Barrel Bluffing

This topic is very sensitive because you can lose a lot of money if you pick the wrong spots to use it.

You need to triple barrel bluff in obvious good spots and also vs opponents that like to fold, otherwise, you’ll light money on fire, like the student below:


At 12:19 on the video, the student got dealt AJo in MP and got called by the BB.


Here are the opening and calling range:

Hero opening range on the left, villain calling range on the right.

With the AJ, hero decided to cbet on the KcQsJd flop and barrel on the 2c on the turn.

You can see the villain’s calling range on the flop (left) and on the turn (right) below:

Villain’s flop calling range on the left and turn calling range on the right.

When villain call on the turn and a 7c comes on the river, we want to know if we can triple barrel bluff or not.

Villain has 43,5 combos of hands that get to the river. If we decide to turn our hand into a bluff using the bet size of 2/3 of the pot, we need him to fold 17,5 of those combos.

He has 12 combos of hands that are not 2 pairs (KTs, QTs, JTs and TT), so in order for our bluff to be good, we need him to fold a few combos of 2 pairs.

As a general rule to follow, we shouldn’t try to push our opponents out of 2 pairs unless the board is really good or if your opponent really likes to fold.

If you ignore this rule and 3 barrel way too often, you’ll lose a lot of money or win less than you should, just like the student on the video!

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