6-max Elite Student Won €5394 in December

Matic aka “kl3m3nko” has been crushing at the 6-max tables lately. Last month he made €5394, and on top of that, he became a BPC coach.

We had an interview with him to check how is he doing in the program so far:


When did you start playing poker and when you decided to take it more seriously?

 I started playing when I was 16 with friends after school, we were playing NL10 back then.

I decided to take it more seriously when I realized if I work 40 years with average salary 2k per month I will not earn 1 million. That was about a year ago.


Where do you live and how is it to live there and what do you like a lot about it?

I live in Kranj, Slovenia. Living in Slovenia is pretty awesome we have everything in the reach of our hands (mountains, sea, lakes, etc) and live here is really affordable.

That is a nice view!

When and why did you decide to join Coaching for Profits in the 6-max Program?

I joined it last July as a part-time player.


In which stake did you start and which stake you’re playing now?

I started playing on NL20, now I am playing up to NL250.

Which poker formats have you played before, and why 6-max is a better fit for you?

I played everything, MTT, 6-Max, HU, and SNG.

6max is better for me because you have a regular income and you play against other regulars which forces you to work on your game if you want to stay ahead of them.


How did BPC help you to improve your game?

BPC gave me a good solid game and they showed me how to find solutions for spots on my own.

Matic’s graph so far in the program

Who has been your favorite coach so far in the 6-max program? The one that influenced your game the most?

My favorite coach is Asimos. It is so easy to work with him, he breaks down your game, tells you in which spots you need to improve and shows you the way to improve it. He provides you everything you need to become better, the rest is on you if you are willing to put in the work.


All in all, how do you like the program so far? Study material, coaching sessions, etc

I love it, it is so simple you get material for every spot that actually works and anyone who puts the work can make money with it in practice.

About the coaching sessions I love sessions with Asimos and Lateralus, you do analysis and they confirm if it is correct if it isn’t they tell you what you did wrong and you improve with every hand they review.


You have recently started coaching the 6-max students, how are you enjoying it so far?

I am really enjoying it, it feels great to give back to the community.


Has the BPC Community helped so far in any possible way? How?

Yes, financially which was the reason why I join. BPC. But they also helped me with my work ethic and mental game. Now I know I will succeed in every area that I want.


You went to the Poker Camp this year in Cannes, how was the experience for you?

It was great, I met all the legends that finished the program and I was so hyped because I knew I was probably the biggest fish there at the time and that every advice I got would improve my longterm EV. 


In your opinion, what is the best part of being in the Coaching for Profits 6-max program?

The best part of being in Coaching for profits 6-max is that everyone that you are in contact with has the same goal, which is to make money as fast as possible.


There is always room to improve, what you think you need to do to get even better results?

I have to improve my work ethic and spend more hours at the tables.


What gives you the motivation to get back to the tables every day?

I get motivation from the freedom I get when I am playing.

If I play more I earn more money. And with every euro I earn, I became more free of the system that we live in and I can do more fun stuff that I could not afford if I was working on a regular job.


From your progress so far in the program, how much time do you think it’ll take to finish your contract?

I believe if I put serious hours in January and February I will finish it in March.


Any tips for motivation for your fellow grinders?

Just do what your coach says and you will make more money than most people you know.


If you could give one advice to the other players, what would that be?

If you do every day a little to improve yourself, one day you will wake up and your dream will be a reality.


Thank you very much for the interview, Matic! Keep crushing at the tables!


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