The 3 success factors any poker player must follow

We have a lot of very highly successful poker players in our coaching for profits programs who have achieved amazing success.

However, there are also people who have not achieved that same level of success. That needs to be clear. And why is that? Well, we’ve looked into it and found what all those winners have in common.

Gordon originally made this video for students of our coaching for profits program, but we’re sharing it with you now – because it’s just as important to follow these 3 factors even if you are trying to make it in poker on your own.

Notable points in this video:

0:00 Introduction

2:08 What separates winners from losers

5:50 The 3 Success Factors


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  1. Tony Singh
    Tony Singh says:

    Hi Gordon. My name is Tony and I live in London. I’ve been playing online poker for the last 15 months and basically I’m shit but I love the game. I need your help.
    I’m willing to put in the hours like you suggested and even willing to move abroad if that what it take. Help. What shall I do next.

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