Rutger is done! He finished our Poker Coaching Program!

Rutger – he is also known as “justplayff” in our poker community – finished his €30k poker coaching program as part of our 6-max Crusher team with his session a few days ago! 

We already an interview with him some time ago. But we wanted to know more, how he finished the program and which advice he would give for you to succeed.
Below you can check the first post in his blog as a CFP student:
 Read his whole blog HERE.
What is the biggest difference from before to now?
Mostly mindset. Even though I always believed in myself, I was still thinking way too small (probably still am, but at least it increased hugely so far). 
Which 3 things did you learn?
First of all a lot of poker strategy. I was a slightly winning player on NL2 before joining CFP, so my knowledge about the game wasn’t that great. Now I do understand the game a lot better.
Secondly, my mental game has improved a lot since joining the program. I basically do not care about variance these days, where in the beginning I would sometimes go on tilt after losing a few buy-ins.
Thirdly, I know how to improve my game now. I know what things to look for or study to get better at the game and move up the stakes.
What is the biggest takeaway?
Put in the work, believe in yourself and you will achieve whatever you want.
What do you think everybody should do in order to succeed?
Obviously, put a lot of hours into the game. In the beginning (NL10 and below) I would suggest people to just play a lot. After that, you can start mixing some studying/detailed analyses and move up in stakes.
Can anybody do it? What does it take to complete the program?
Anyone who is ready to commit himself should be able to complete the program. It just all comes down to, if you really want it or not.
How do you like the structure, material?
CFP (Coaching for profits) is very organized in the way they present the materials. They are building your game in a structured way. Also, there is a lot of material and coachings available.
What are your plans for the future poker-wise?
Work hard on my game, move up in stakes and find out how far I can take this.
Congratulations Rutger! Keep crushing at the tables!


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