BPC Students on the UP: Updates from the CFP camp

Here is the CFP leader board after the 3 weeks of February:


Two Heads Up guys leading the charge in front of a newcomer to the rankings from the PLO 6-max camp, YuriyBoyko.

XcreminatR, whom we met not so long ago on our blog, is making big progress in the past 2 months. There is much work to be done ahead to start hitting those $10k months, but things are looking more and more promising after a bit of a slow start to the project.


Alloin, currently in second place, is finishing up his 60k CFP, and will likely be joining the finishers in the next week or so. It would be nice to see him go out with a bang, and win his first monthly ranking!


YuriyBoyko joined our PLO 6-max last month and is already making his presence felt. After a losing first month in the program, he is running strong and is a favorite to crack the current CFP PLO 6-max monthly record.


The graph doesn’t look too sexy yet but focus on the last part and you will see the magic. 🙂

These are the main contenders to take down the monthly ranking, and the HU guys are outnumbering the competition at the top. Will we see another HU player taking down the rankings, or will Yuriy put the PLO camp on top?



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