Before joining CFP my highest winning day was roughly 1.6k USD. It was a record I could not beat for more than a year with serious trying, dedicating 12 hours a day to poker just about every day.

I joined CFP 1.5 months ago, and this month I broke that record twice for 2.2k in the first time, and 3.2k shortly after. The very next day after making those 3.2k I made 2.5k more.

I managed to make more in two days than I ever did in one month:

NL100 + NL200




Which also makes it my record month. Not sure yet because of the rake back, but my total profits should be somewhere around the 10k mark. I would dare to make the case that it compares quite well to my pre-CFP record month of 5.4k.

Pretty good, taking into account the fact that I got coached by someone who would get crushed by the sick 2015 NL25 line-up, don’t you think?

Look this up. It’s all publicly documented on blogs.


by Hamsterduck aka Atvars 



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