12.000x Spin n Go multiplier

If you’re not familiar with the Spin n Go format yet, I’ll give you a short explanation about what it is a 12.000x multiplier.

Before every Spin n Go starts, a wheel spun and determine how big is going to be the prize pool

The multiplier defines if the prize pool is going to be: 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x, 25x, 120x, 240x or 12.000x times the buy in.


I’ll show you the story of players who got to play for $12.000 prize pool paying only $1, and players who got to play for a $84.000 prize pool playing for only $7.


“JoMoSuited”, “nishcibrod” and “Artut Lesley” where playing a $1 Spin n Go, when the wheel spun in their favor, and they got the chance to play for $10.000.

After a few hands, “JoMoSuited” was eliminated in third place, leaving “Artut Lesley” and “nishcibrod” to play HU.

In the final hand of the match, “Artut Lesley” shove KQo and got called by “nishcibrod” J7o.

Spin n Go multiplier

“Artut Lesley” won $10.000. “nishcibrod” and “JoMoSuited” won $1.000 each.

Not bad for a $1 buy-in!

In a $7 Spin n Go, the players “Alik2538”, “Luffyy213” and “A*ndree1963” got lucky and played for the biggest prize pool possible in that limit, $84.000.

“Luffyy213” fell short in third, and the players “Alik2538” and “A*ndree1963” battled for the $70.000 first prize.

In the last hand “A*ndree1963” flush beat “Alik2538” top two pairs.

Spin n Go multiplier

“Alik2538” and “Luffyy213” got $7.000 each, while “A*ndree1963” won $70.000.


Reading these two stories, you can see that even when you’re playing smaller stakes Spin n Go’s, you can still win very nice prizes with the multipliers.

When you’re playing theses games regularly, the chances to win are even bigger!

Some of our students are playing Spin n Go’s regularly.

And they are learning how to crush it with the best player in the world at $30 Spins, “pablo1017”.

Very soon it is going to be their names mentioned in an article winning a lot of money!


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  1. DukeBPC
    DukeBPC says:

    Spin and Goes are the most attractive form of poker for newbies and recreational players in my opinion. It’s basically lottery style poker. Great for us since we most likely will be sitting with 2 fish!

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