$100k in 9 months playing 6-max, starting at NL2 with $50

Sasha aka “HansTheGreat” joined our Coaching for profits program with $50 playing NL2 6-max games.

9 months later he was $100k richer, and playing midstakes. Today, that original $50 has grown into well over $500k.

He joined Gordon in this webinar to discuss how poker has changed his life.

Notable points in the video:

0:00 Introduction and Table of Contents

2:42 Challenge Recap (part 1)

5:45 The struggles during the challenge

8:15 The first $10k month

13:57 What would I do differently if I were to start all over again?

15:57 Hans’ tips on choosing sites and setting goals

24:01 Mindset part, the importance of mindset in poker

30:30 Advice for different limits, the power of discipline

33:02 Coach’s perspective, coach Gordon about Hans

41:10 The common myth about balance, the sacrifices you need to make

47:01 The question about working routine, study/play ratio

54:45 The volume beats the variance

57:33 Simple things that make the big difference

1:01:10 Gordon’s opinion about life coaches and how to choose a coach

1:07:33 The more you give, the more you get

1:12:08 Good players are not always good coaches

1:17:37 Should you listen to music while you are playing?

1:23:40 When to start using advanced poker tools and on how many tables you should play

1:26:25 Diet and warm up/cooldown routines


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