1.000.000 Spin & Go’s

If you play poker on PokerStars, you either heard about Spin & Go’s or played one yourself.

When you play and see that wheel spinning, you’re always rooting for a chance to hit one of the jackpots.

And if it stops in the $1M, my friend, you’re in luck!


I’ll tell you the story of 5 players that played and got millionaire in just a few minutes:


1# Is “GrindHeaps” from Australia.

His real name is Anthony, and he was there, playing his $100 buy-in Spin & go, when the wheel spun, and BOOM! $1M on the line!

After 33 hands and 10 minutes of play, he was a millionaire. 

His opponents, “gavonater” and “EnglishGirl19”, took $100k home each.


2# Is “Koovoon” from Canada.

Just like Anthony, “Koovoon” was playing a $100 buy-in Spin & Go when the lady luck knocked on his door for a chance to win $1M.

It took 39 hands and 9 minutes for him to win the million.

“Andyg1810” and “Play2win$1kk” (funny name, by the way, imagine if he had won!), won $100k each.


3# Is “Samara Lúcio” from Brazil.

Her actual name is Samara Brito. She was playing a $5 Spin & Go, when she got the chance to win a “little” more.

After a longer match, 21 minutes and 118 hands, she won the $1.000.000.

Her opponents, “struchalina” and “AA_MaKnO_AA” won $100k each.


4# Is “Rainman751” from Russia.

Just like “GrindHeaps” and “Koovoon”, “Rainman751” was playing a $100 buy-in Spin & go when the wheel spun in his favor.

That was the fastest match, 4 hands were enough for the Russian to take the $1M home. 

The $100k consolation prize went for “Kman_AP2” and “pablotenisis”.


5# Is “jrww86” from Bermuda.

The teacher was playing a $100 buy-in Spin & go when he got the chance to change his life.

And he took it, winning the $1.000.000. Jaime Staples, was streaming at the time and watched his win.

“netspider_by” and “REVELKOF” finished 3rd and 2nd, and got $100k each.


Often you see streamers watching those big Spin & Go’s.

But when is a streamer the person with a shot to win a big prize?

That’s what happened with “SolidPenis” from Russia.

Yep, that’s his nick name… He got the pleasure to win €250.000 live on Twitch.



The Coaching for Profits Spin & Go program is now up!

So now you’ll be able to crush in the hottest game of the moment and have the chance to become a millionaire in the process!


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