1.000.000 Spin & Go’s part 2

In the first part of this series, you saw 5 players who won $1.000.000 in just a few minutes playing Spin & Go (Click HERE if you missed).

In this post, I’ll show you 5 more!


#1 Is “wrawras” from Brazil.

He was playing a $100 Spin & Go when his table was contemplated with the chance to win $1.000.000.

After 51 hands “wrawras” eliminated “A13X_J0neS” from Canada and won the big prize.

The Hungarian “Sir.Whiteman” finished 3rd and just like “A13X_J0neS”, won $100.000.


#2 Is the Canadian “anushan_2323”.

He was playing $5 Spin & Go’s when he got the chance to become a poker millionaire.

The Swedish “ChipsMongot” and the German “jukebox72” couldn’t stop him, and the Canadian took home the big $1.000.000 prize.

“ChipsMongot” and “jukebox72” had to settle for “just” a $100.000 win.


#3 Is “Tornádo111” from the Czech Republic.

Just like “anushan_2323”, he was playing a $5 Spin & Go when he got the chance to play for the biggest possible prize in Spin & Go’s.

He beat “newann” and “RusGreen” and won $1.000.000. His opponents won $100.000 each.

You can watch his win below:


#4 is “sss66666” from Russia.

In another $5 Spin & Go, the wheel spun and the players were playing for $1.000.000 for the winner and a $100.000 consolation prize for the “losers”.

After a little less than 15 minutes “sss66666” beat “Nonko999” and “Geldduvel” and became a poker millionaire.


#5 Is “bladsonpoker” from Poland.

Like the last 3 stories, he was playing $5 Spin & Go and was lucky enough to play for $1.000.000

He beat “ROliver ceo” and “ooomlesnurr” in 29 hands and took home the million dollars! 

Both of his opponents won $100.000.


That’s the nice thing about Spin & Go, you always have the chance to change your life in just a few minutes.

Here at Best Poker Coaching we offer a Coaching for Profits program for Spin & Go’s.

So while learning how to crush at the tables, you have a chance to become a millionaire in just a few minutes!


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6 replies
  1. Darren Plaza
    Darren Plaza says:

    You’ve more chance hitting the jackpot on the lotto than landing a $1mill table. Although I actually hit a €5k Spin n Go on the French Pokersite Winamax on only my second ever Sit N Go a few yrs ago now for I think €5. An yes I won, but because I didn’t really know what was going on (because they were so New back then) it wasn’t until I won and saw the cash in my account that it clicked….. I recall the screen turning to gold before we played and I just thought it was the graphics that changed after every Spin N Go, like I said it was only my 2nd ever attempt when they were unknown back then. I have a screenshot saved somewhere if nobody believes me. I miss Winamax! Probably the best site I’ve ever played on even without Spin n Gos.


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