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Are bots in online-poker a problem?

Poker-Bots are a constant worry in the online poker world. Do you also worry sometimes too much, if bots in online poker rooms are a problem? Especially when looking into the situation of the poker economy right now? See what Gordon has…
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Why 6-max record-holder thinks you should join Coaching for Profits

This is Atvars, the man still holding the CFP 6-max record for finishing the €60 000 program in less than 6 months! Check his blog HERE.   To be exact, he finished our €60k coaching program in 5 months and 24 days - simple math…

Women in BPC: Ola from Canada

Hi guys and gals, today we will start with a special blog post series "Women in BPC". Yes, there are women playing poker and we also have a few female members of our team. I have the honor to introduce you to the first women in that series:…

BPC is international: Meet Rafał from Poland

Most people decide to start playing 6max, when they get involved with poker, so did Rafał aka "claher". Nonetheless, he joined our HU program and is doing pretty well.   When and why did you start playing poker? I started playing Texas…

BPC is International: Darwin from Colombia

Today we will find out more about Darwin "hucol", the family man from Colombia. Darwin joined BPC in June, as pretty much a total poker newb. He started playing poker at the start of 2015, trying out some Full ring and Spin'n'Gos, without success.…

HansTheGreat, Rovar both in the zone

Hard work and patience seems to be working for HansTheGreat and Rovar. Both of their blog updates this week were definitely proof of it. Hans had some trouble but was able to bounce back and still improve. "But today I could feel the switch.…

A BIG thank you!

Thanks to Dr Schneider and Miks Lusitis for creating pdf and excel macro to help in situations based on the No BS 6max book. Both of you really did a great job. Gordon and all No-BS 6max subscribers surely appreciate it. Kudos!