BestPokerCoaching PLO 6-max Academy

Payment plan & How to Join:

1) A sign-up fee of €500 €325

2) Monthly fee of €29

What is the PLO Academy?

  • Direct access to our coaches through live trainings (all your questions will be answered)
  • Direct access to our coaches in the forum (each hand and question you have will be answered)
  • The most advanced coaching system. You learn step-by-step with guidance from the best coaches in the world. 
  • We wouldn’t be BPC is we did not tell you when you play a hand badly. However, the coaches will be very friendly motivators
  • Unlike Coaching For Profits, you keep 100% winnings to yourself. You don’t have to fill out forms, send reports or do any of those things that might be annoying to some
  • No contract to sign, you can leave at any time
  • You have to choose one type of game to study deeper. Why? While you can learn at the BPC Club different types of poker variants (6max Cash, PLO, SNG, MTTs), at the BPC Academy you have to choose ONE variant. The main reason for this is that our coaches are very expensive and the material is laser targeted with scientific precision. And as you understand, this is very expensive for us, we have invested over $500k+ to research and compile these products…

Who Should Join The PLO Academy?


  • You want to study poker step-by-step. At the BPC Club you learn general concepts and sound play. At the PLO Academy you will learn not only those concepts but how to apply them in every single situation possible  
  • At PLO 6 max cash, we have specific videos on how to play preflop (3bet, 4bet) and post flop (when to continuation bet, how to bluff with blockers, etc)AND field tested (normal IQ human people will win using our strategies…not just the most talented poker geniuses).


  • If you are consistently making more than $3000/month (in this case the only option you have and should choose is the CFP, so we can help you make $10k+/month) 
  • You can’t focus for more than 20minutes on a topic. While we keep it fun, there is a lot of serious materials shared 
  • You are on a very limited budget and not want to feel out first. No pressure. You should join the BPC Club first. Our first goal is to help you even if it means less money for us

Payment plan:

1) Sign-Up Fee of €500 €325

2) Monthly Fee of €29

What do you get in the PLO Academy?

Theory part: The PLO Foundations 

Practice: Coaching Sessions 

Community: Private FB Group with immediate access to our PLO coaches and advice from other PLO Academy members

5 Modules, (PLO Foundations, Case Studies, Coaching Videos, and Lessons)


The coaching sessions will start on January 14th. Here are the dates for January*

  • 14th January 10:00 am CET
  • 21st January 10:00 am CET
  • 28th January 10:00 am CET
  • 4th February 10:00 am CET

*Please note that this schedule is a preliminary one, and some dates and exact times may change during the first month of the PLO academy.

Payment plan:

1) Sign-Up Fee of €500 €325

2) Monthly Fee of €29

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