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How much can you win with Spin & Go?

As you may know -unless you never heard of this game format before-, there are multipliers in every Spin & Go. What do these multipliers do? Well, they basically multiply the prize pool before every Spin & Go starts and gives you a chance to win a lot of money! It can be multiplied by:  2 […]

Ask BPC’s coaches (part 2)

You already know what our coaches’ opinion about why they think you should play the game format they play/coach (If not, read it HERE). Today they are going answer one more question. Just like last time, we have the coaches Gordon, Era7er, Alan Jackson, JurassicDaniel, m1ndCrtl and Asimos. Today’s question is: What is the biggest mistake most […]

1.000.000 Spin & Go’s

If you play poker on PokerStars, you eighter heard about Spin & Go’s or played one yourself. When you play and see that wheel spinning, you’re always rooting for a chance to hit one of the jackpots. And if it stops in the $1M, my friend, you’re in luck!   I’ll tell you the story of […]

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Lauri is done!!

Lauri “hugocabret” finished his Coaching for profits program! Congratulations! It took him one year and one month to achieve his goal! We asked him some questions about his time in the program.   What is the biggest difference from the player you were before starting CFP, and the player you are now? First thing is […]

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Danel is done!

After one year and one month, Danel finishes his €60k CFP Crusher contract! Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off! As usual, we asked him a few questions right after he accomplished his goal.   What is the biggest difference from the player you were before starting CFP, and the player you are now? […]

Ask BPC’s coaches (part 1)

Best Poker Coaching has a lot of coaches from different programs. Have you ever wanted to ask some general poker questions to poker coaches? Well, now you can! Every week I will collect your questions in the comment section, and select some to ask every coach we have.  This week we have answers from Gordon, Era7er, Alan […]

BPC Student playing on day 3 of the PSC Bahamas Main Event

The PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event started on January 8th. There were 738 entries, creating a $3,376,712 prize pool to be divided among the top 143 finishers, with first place paying $480,012. Now that we are on day 3, the 125 players left have already secured themselves $7,260. Among these 125 players, there is a Coaching for […]

Meet the BPC Support Team (part 2)

In the last post, you met Alessio, David, and Ivan. (Click HERE if you didn’t read) Today we are going to meet the other 3 members of BPC Support Team. We have some questions for them: Where do you live and how is it to live there? What do you like a lot about it? […]

Meet the BPC Support Team (part 1)

Best Poker Coaching’s support works 24/7 to provide the best customer service on the market.  We have many people, from all over the world working in our support. It’s not nice to just see a name when you’re contacting support. In today’s post, you’ll be able to put a face to the names you see […]

BPC Giveaway (6 months of BPC Club!)

I know what you like… You like to win free prizes! And you’re in luck, Best Poker Coaching is giving away 6 months of BPC Club + 2 premium courses of your choice! What is BPC Club? Watch the video: Get more information about it HERE.   It is very easy to participate in the BPC Giveaway. […]